Your Beaches Pediatric Dentist Blog: Teeth, Nutrition and the Roll of the Pediatric Dentist

We are only as healthy as the food we consume. This is why the type of nutrition we get is extremely crucial for our health today as well as in the long run. Children are provided all their nutrition in pureed form, making it easier for them to chew and digest, ensuring they get all the essential nutrition required for healthy growth from their meals. As they grow up, the pureed food goes from completely liquid to semi-solid to solid as they grow teeth and they become strong enough to allow them to chew their own food.

However, if the same children are not provided the right dental care, they can suffer due to weak and bleeding teeth, making it extremely difficult for them to chew solid food and as a result get all the right and required nutrition from food. They might start preferring softer foods that are not as painful but this will make their teeth weaker as they are unable to gain the nutrition they need from their foods.

These days, many children spend a lot of time consuming sugary treats, sodas and carbohydrate loaded meals. All these unhealthy food items promote further tooth decay and weaken teeth. This all leads to children getting root canal treatments from their dentists at a young age. Beaches pediatric dentists are trying to increase awareness about the harmful effects of a sugar loaded diet on the teeth of young children so that proper dental care as well as nutrition can be promoted.

Sunrise Kids Dental is a Beaches pediatric clinic in Toronto that specializes in providing the proper training to children from an early age to ensure they take good care of their teeth so all these problems can be prevented. They also help children understand all the right steps they need to take to ensure their teeth stay strong and at what time of the day. For example, at what time do the children need to floss, what are the right times for brushing, and when they need to use mouthwash as well as how often they should eat vegetables to promote dental care.

Most children are just told to brush twice a day in order to ensure their teeth stay healthy and strong. However, this is not enough and is barely able to postpone teeth decay. Additionally, there are tips to identify which tooth needs additional care and what to do if gums feel tender and all of this information is crucial to ensure teeth stay healthy throughout one’s life. These days, Beaches pediatric dentists are taking their time to teach, train and instill each patient with the right information to ensure they understand how to take good care of their dental hygiene.

Additionally, they take their time to study the condition of the teeth of each patient and then based on this analysis encourage care tips so that every child learns to take care of their own individual problems. Care taken today will ensure tooth decay is prevented tomorrow for strong and healthy teeth that last a lifetime.