If your child is very apprehensive about visiting the dentist, or needs to undergo a particularly troubling treatment, talk to us about sedation options for children.  Our patients' parents love to tell us what a great experience their kids had in our office. You can read their testimonials on our Facebook page. These comments will help you understand why choosing a pediatric dentist for your child's dental health care has a positive impact on how the appointment goes for your little one.  

Dealing with children, we recognize that emergencies happen, and situations arise when you want to see a specialist as quickly as possible. These cases are a priority for us, too. If your child has had an accident involving his or her teeth, give us a call. We'll do our best to help you both get relief right away.

Our dental office is designed to be child-friendly, as are our dentists! With years of specialized training, the dentists here know just how to make your child feel at ease. And we've set up our office to help with their comfort as well: child-sized furniture, toys, books and stuffed animals, TVs in our treatment rooms, and having other children around all contribute to making the space kid friendly and unintimidating.  Wondering why you should consider a pediatric dentist for your child's dental care needs? That's an excellent question. We think there are several reasons that it's beneficial for you and your child. First and foremost, a dentist who specializes in pediatrics has completed 3 extra years of training to learn and practise the skills and techniques that are required for treating infants, children, teenagers and those with special needs. This training deals not only with the medical aspects as they relate to kids' oral health, but also the behavioural side of working with children. Secondly, a pediatric dentist - that is, one who is focused on pediatrics - has selected his staff and designed his office to be accommodating to children and to help them feel at ease. Thirdly, a dentist who has made a conscious decision, and spent considerable time and effort preparing, to work with children is probably someone who really likes children! Our team at Sunrise Kids Dental are happy to see our patients come through the door. We love to see their smiles, and we take pride in making each visit with us enjoyable.  

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Children's smiles are infectious. They're what make every day a great day at the office for us.

The great thing about bringing your child to see us at Sunrise Kids Dental (instead of a "regular" dentist) is the attention he or she receives from everyone in the office, starting with our receptionist. We all choose to work here because we love kids. And we spend a lot of time with them, so we are well versed in what it takes to make a child feel comfortable and safe in our care. We want their experience to be positive and free from fear, and we want to see their genuine smiles in our presence. Book an appointment today and let us show you how pleasant a dental visit with your children can be.  The dentists at Sunrise Kids Dental have each undertaken an extensive study program to prepare themselves to care for your child's oral health. An undergraduate degree in science and a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree are just the beginning. Specializing in pediatric dentistry requires at least one more stage of advanced post graduate education, and in the case of our dentists here at Sunrise, has also included in-hospital experience working with children. These dental practitioners have chosen to further their education specifically in the field of pediatrics because of their desire to work with children (and their parents). Treating children is not something they "also" do, but the primary reason for their practice, and the type of work they enjoy most. In addition to ensuring that their skills are honed for young patients, their choice to focus on children also means that their office, their staff and their methods are specifically designed to provide the best dental care for children, including kids who are anxious about their check-ups and treatments.  

What makes taking the kids to a pediatric dentist different (read: better) than going to a general family dentist? Plenty! But it all starts with the basic fact that we are here specifically for your kids. We at Sunrise Kids Dental have taken extra time to study what it takes to be a good dentist for children (including those with special needs). We've created an office environment that's welcoming to kids. We've surrounded ourselves with other people in our work who look forward to having children coming through the front door, and enjoy seeing their smiles as they leave. And if all of this makes the parents happy, too, that's great.

Our dental office is located on Kingston Road in Scarborough, just half a block east of Victoria Park Avenue (so, half a block outside of The Beaches) and one building over from Neil McNeil High School. Your teenager can walk to his or her appointment after class, or during a spare! For those parents whose kids are a little younger, we have ample free parking right out front. Getting your kids out of the car seats and into our office will be a breeze, and we always make room for the strollers you need to bring your little ones in!  


Book your child's next dental appointment online, or call our Scarborough office at 647-350-7562.


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