Wondering why you should consider a pediatric dentist for your child's dental care needs? That's an excellent question. We think there are several reasons that it's beneficial for you and your child. First and foremost, a dentist who specializes in pediatrics has completed 3 extra years of training to learn and practise the skills and techniques that are required for treating infants, children, teenagers and those with special needs. This training deals not only with the medical aspects as they relate to kids' oral health, but also the behavioural side of working with children. Secondly, a pediatric dentist - that is, one who is focused on pediatrics - has selected his staff and designed his office to be accommodating to children and to help them feel at ease. Thirdly, a dentist who has made a conscious decision, and spent considerable time and effort preparing, to work with children is probably someone who really likes children! Our team at Sunrise Kids Dental are happy to see our patients come through the door. We love to see their smiles, and we take pride in making each visit with us enjoyable.


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