The dentists at Sunrise Kids Dental have each undertaken an extensive study program to prepare themselves to care for your child's oral health. An undergraduate degree in science and a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree are just the beginning. Specializing in pediatric dentistry requires at least one more stage of advanced post graduate education, and in the case of our dentists here at Sunrise, has also included in-hospital experience working with children. These dental practitioners have chosen to further their education specifically in the field of pediatrics because of their desire to work with children (and their parents). Treating children is not something they "also" do, but the primary reason for their practice, and the type of work they enjoy most. In addition to ensuring that their skills are honed for young patients, their choice to focus on children also means that their office, their staff and their methods are specifically designed to provide the best dental care for children, including kids who are anxious about their check-ups and treatments.

What makes taking the kids to a pediatric dentist different (read: better) than going to a general family dentist? Plenty! But it all starts with the basic fact that we are here specifically for your kids. We at Sunrise Kids Dental have taken extra time to study what it takes to be a good dentist for children (including those with special needs). We've created an office environment that's welcoming to kids. We've surrounded ourselves with other people in our work who look forward to having children coming through the front door, and enjoy seeing their smiles as they leave. And if all of this makes the parents happy, too, that's great.

Children's smiles are infectious. They're what make every day a great day at the office for us.


Book your child's next dental appointment online, or call our Scarborough office at 647-350-7562.


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