Our dental office is located on Kingston Road in Scarborough, just half a block east of Victoria Park Avenue (so, half a block outside of The Beaches) and one building over from Neil McNeil High School. Your teenager can walk to his or her appointment after class, or during a spare! For those parents whose kids are a little younger, we have ample free parking right out front. Getting your kids out of the car seats and into our office will be a breeze, and we always make room for the strollers you need to bring your little ones in!

What makes taking the kids to a pediatric dentist different (read: better) than going to a general family dentist? Plenty! But it all starts with the basic fact that we are here specifically for your kids. We at Sunrise Kids Dental have taken extra time to study what it takes to be a good dentist for children (including those with special needs). We've created an office environment that's welcoming to kids. We've surrounded ourselves with other people in our work who look forward to having children coming through the front door, and enjoy seeing their smiles as they leave. And if all of this makes the parents happy, too, that's great.

Children's smiles are infectious. They're what make every day a great day at the office for us.


Book your child's next dental appointment online, or call our Scarborough office at 647-350-7562.


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