Your Beaches Pediatric Dentist Blog: An Apple a Day - It Really Does Work!

Have you ever heard that saying, An apple a day keeps the doctor away? According to a study found by your Pediatric Dentist in Beaches, Toronto, Sunrise Kids Dentalthat was made by PhD professor David Nieman from the Appalachian State University, this phrase may have been more accurate than many ever thought.

It is indeed a fact that was noticed in a study conducted between a group of athletes that for 15 days of extreme exercise took 1,000 milligrams of the substance called quercetin. From this group only 5% them experienced an increase in respiratory illnesses. However, on a second group of athletes that had exercised just as hard for the same 15 days and that instead took a placebo, they noticed a 45% increased in illnesses after exercise stress. No drastic changes were noticed in both group’s immune systems, however, the group that took the quercetin substance were noticed to be more alert and have an increased response time which lead to a better performance.

Quercetin is found in abundant quantities in red apples, green tea and broccoli. Our group of Pediatric Dentists in Beaches, Toronto wants you kids to remember this... Start eating a lot of your red apples so that you guys can beat your friends in hockey, like Popeye beats Brutus with spinach!