Your Beaches Pediatric Dentist Blog: 4 Tips to Avoid the Flu While Brushing This Winter

At your Beaches Pediatric Dentist Sunrise Kids Dental we are concerned with your child’s oral and overall health. Now in the winter most specially is a time a lot of kids get the flu. Check out our tips for more hygienic "flu fighting" toothbrushing bellow.

  1. Remember to teach your kid to have their hands clean before and after toothbrushing by washing them thoroughly.

  2. Teach them to keep toothbrushes upright in a cabinet’s shelf to protect them against germs and bacteria.

  3. Absolutely no toothbrush sharing.

  4. Avoid toothbrushes with old bristles that don’t clean the teeth well and gather a lot of bacteria. Change them for new ones as soon as they get too old.

Hopefully these tips from your newest Beaches Pediatric Dentist Sunrise Kids Dental will help your kids stay flu safe and have awesome oral hygiene this winter! Don’t forget to share :)